Hot Summer Picks

Summer’s here and you know what that means–high temperatures that can make any pregnant woman feel uncomfortable.

But there’s no reason to feel like you must cover up every part of your body because you’re pregnant. You are at your most beautiful right now. Maternity clothes have come a long way from what your mom once wore. You don’t have to sacrifice style for nine months. You can get maternity clothes that are similar to what you wear now!

Motherhood Maternity offers a beautiful selection of dresses sure to make you feel your most radiant best. Their simple, yet sexy, spring dress comes in three colors, all of which are sure to make you look gorgeous.

Pretty and simple, this peasant shirt, from Motherhood Maternity also, is perfect for those warm summer days and nights.

Summer means warmer temperatures at night, which means heavy fleece garments just won’t do. This cute tank and short set makes any night better!

The Gap isn’t only for celebrity moms like Sarah Jessica Parker. Their GapMaternity collection has clothes for every stage of pregnancy, from barely showing to full bloom.
Their essential knit capris are perfect for warm summer nights.

Tunics seem like they were made for summer. Whether you are lounging by the pool or at a restaurant, these look adorable! Try this light blue one from Old Navy. The sequins around the neckline are sure to make you feel like a queen!

For most people, pregnant or not, the best part about summer is swimming! Maternity bathing suits are better than ever.

BellaBlu Maternity offers an amazing line of bathing suits for moms-to-be. Their teal swimsuit with the matching striped bottom is sure to win you some compliments at the beach.

Known more for its amazing selection than its stylish maternity clothes, Target has beautiful swim suits for moms-to-be. Target has a raspberry suit with padded cups that will make you look as sweet as dessert!